Internet of Things Security Day

IoT Security Day

  • A one-day event about IoT Security
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Who should attend this event?

The event takes place on Tuesday March 17, 2020 and brings together practitioners from the industry, as well as researchers from the respective fields. You should attend the IoT Security Day if you are active in the IoT field and would like to extend your knowledge and enjoy a networking opportunity.

What is new?

This is a one-day event which focuses on IoT Security topics offering a mix of talks, case studies and round-table discussions. The event aims at offering a better approach to understand current issues in the field of IoT Security.

During the talks practitioners will demonstrate common pitfalls and the current situation in their respective environment as well as how they approached the issues. Between these talks the round-table discussions take place in which questions can be asked and experiences shared.

People from different environments usually suffer from the same problems and as of our experiences with the famous TROOPERS round-tables, a constructive conversation helps most of the people to tackle these. Participants are explicitly asked to bring in their pains and questions in order to leave the event with new ideas, answers and approaches.

What is IoT?

From our perspective IoT is a buzzword, that can describe a conglomerate of different technologies and stacks. ERNW has been performing IoT Security assessments for almost a decade and for most of these assessments, a mixed assessment approach needs to take place in order to reach a full coverage.

From hardware/embedded security over mobile and Web app/service security, Cloud/virtualization and containerization security, until classic network and telecommunication channel security - in case of (embedded) SIM cards - we encounter a colorful mix on a daily basis and no environment looks the same as the other.