TROOPERS15 Archive - Agenda

TROOPERS15 took place from 16th – 20st March 2015 in Heidelberg, Germany.

TROOPERS15 Trainings


Main Conference Agenda TROOPERS15

Time Attack & Research Defense & Management Special Track: SAP Security

Keynote: Information Security – The hard thing about the hard thing


Pneumonia, Shardan, Antibiotics and Nasty MOV: a Dead Hand's Tale

Automating Network Security

HoneySAP: Who really wants your money

General Pr0ken File System - Hacking IBM's GPFS

Game Over, Does the CISO get an Extra Life?

I know what You Coded last Summer


RF Retroflectors, Emission Security and SDR

The foundation is rotting and the basement is flooding: A deeper look at the implicit trust relationships in your organization


Modern Platform-Supported Rootkits

Evaluating the APT Armor

Hacking Fortune 2000th CEO’s mobile: Security of SAP Mobile Infrastructure


iOS Hacking – Advanced Pentest & Forensic Techniques

Defender Economics

SAP, Credit Cards and the Bird that Talks Too Much

Lightning Talks

Multipath TCP - Breaking Today's Networks with Tomorrow's Protocols

A Backdoor in Wonderland

Lightning Talks

Multipath TCP - Breaking Today's Networks with Tomorrow's Protocols

Incident Response and SAP Systems

Roundtables - Friday, March 20th 2015

From 9:30 AM till 12:30 PM we will meet and discuss current IT security topics. We offer you a chance to sit together with world class researchers, hackers and practitioners face to face. Depending on the number of participiants, there will be parallel sessions with different topics. The last year featured three sessions in total. For Roudtable sessions at TROOPERS15 we selected the following topics (subject to change based on attendee preferences or upcoming hot topics in the security business):

  • Virtualization & Cloud Security (Chair: Matthias Luft)
  • Application Security (Chair: Michael Thumann)
  • IPv6 (Chair: Enno Rey)
  • Connected Cars (Chair: To-be-announced)